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Turow Castle in calendar 2019

Turow Castle in calendar 2019

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Klempenow Castle

The Klempenow Castle was built in the mid-13th century as a lowland castle on an alluvial sand island with an enclosed inner courtyard, surrounded by a wall and battlement.

The Pomeranian Dukes were enfeoffed with the castle in 1331. The Heydebrecks were the liege lords in Klempenow until the 16th century. They built a large post construction on the battlement to the North and a few years later rebuilt and converted it with a brick wall and combined it with the tower. Klempenow became Swedish in 1631 in the conflicts of the Thirty Years War. The Swedish King Gustav Adolf pledged Klempenow to General Field Marshal Dodo von Knyphausen in 1632. The tower was rebuilt into a residence, and new buildings came about. Klempenow once again was fully owned by the Swedish Crown through a general reduction in 1700. Klempenow became Prussian, Royal Office and demesne in the Treaty of Stockholm in 1720. The respective tenant took up residence in the castle. A new manor house was built around 1900. The soviet commander’s office was in the castle in 1945, and then settlers lived in the castle buildings starting in 1947 where up to 14 families stayed there. It later developed into the whole spectrum of the DDR style economy and life.

The KULTUR-TRANSIT-96 e.V. took it over step by step in 1991 after preliminary work and negotiations with the fiduciary and began its restoration as well as held cultural events.


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