Manor House Klein Teetzleben

Klein Teetzleben is part of the community of Gross Teetzleben. The manor house is an elongated one-storey building with a two-storey central risalit on the front and a centric entrance porch at the rear. During GDR times the manor house was structurally strongly changed. The façade was smoothly plastered; the windows were altered and so on. It is in use for residential purposes.

The Maltza(h)n family and Duke Bogislaw X. shared the ownership of the village in the 15th century. Later it came to the von der Groeben family as a fiefdom (1635 Hans von der Groeben), then as a pledge to the von Heydebreck family and seems to have fallen into the hands of the sovereign at the beginning of the 18th century. After the sale by the sovereign around 1811 a frequent change of owners occurred until in 1835 Wilhelm Hilgendorff purchased the estate and stayed in possession until 1855.

During this time his school friend Fritz Reuter (1810 - 1874), a great poet and writer in the Low German language, often stayed at the manor house. One reason being the governess of the children of the Hilgendorff family Luise Kuntze (1817 - 1894) whom he married on June, 16th 1851.

From 1928 on until at least 1939 the owner of the 468 hectare estate was Franz Stein and finally until 1945 Gustav Stein.