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Manor House Daschow

The village of Daschow was first mentioned in 1235 under the name Darsekow. After the Thirty Years' War Daschow is a fiefdom of the von Dessin family, who originated from Gottorf near Schleswig. ... more

Gutshaus (Herrenhaus, Schloss) Passow

Ein durch die Eiszeit entstandener vielschichtiger Siedlungsraum mit Wäldern, Wasser und Seen, wie zahlreiche Funde aus der Jungsteinzeit, Bronzezeit und des frühen Mittelalters belegen, bot schon früh die Voraussetzungen für erste Besiedlungen. ... more

Manor House (Castle, Hunting Lodge) Bellin

The original manor house with gatehouse from the mid 18th century was built by the Imperial Count von Sala. ... more

Manor House Welzin

The name of the village derives from the family name von Weltzien, this family originated from the county of Schwerin and owned considerable land in this area. At the beginning of the 15th century they took up residence in Weisin coming from Weltzien near Anklam. ... more

Wessin Manor House

Wessin was first documented in 1391, when the dukes of Mecklenburg mortgaged the rights to the village to Kurt von Restorff of Radepohl and Wessin.  Over hundreds of years the estate passed from hand to hand, partly as collateral. ... more

Zehna, Estate Steward’s House

Zehna lies 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) south of Güstrow on the edge of the Sternberger See (Sternberg Lake) Nature Park.  The village is first mentioned in writing in 1291 as “Cena.” ... more