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Manor House Gresse

Gresse, a few kilometers north of Boizenburg and right next to the Boize River, was documented for the first time in 1297. Here is where the romantic manor house is located, on a small island in the middle of a beautiful park. ... more

Manor House Gressow

The Gressow estate had been in possession of the von Plessen familie of Müsselmow and was owned by the chamberlain Adolph Friedrich von Witzendorf in 1794. After several changes of ownership the estate was acquired by the court councillor Carl Johann Conrad Hennemann in 1833. His widow sold it to the Grand Ducal Ministry of Finance in 1889 and the estate became a demesne. ... more

Estate Helmstorf

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more

Manor House Körchow near Hagenow

In the Ratzeburger Zehntregister (conscription of wealth and consequent taxes owed to the church) Körchow was first mentioned in 1230. At this time it was the family seat of the brothers Panitz. ... more

Manor House Parchow bei Neubukow

Parchow (Neubukow) was a convent from 1211 to 1219. ... more

Wessin Manor House

Wessin was first documented in 1391, when the dukes of Mecklenburg mortgaged the rights to the village to Kurt von Restorff of Radepohl and Wessin.  Over hundreds of years the estate passed from hand to hand, partly as collateral. ... more