Castle Ulrichshusen

A romantic moated castle “Schloss Ulrichshusen” lies on a lake of the same name far removed from the main roads in the heart of “Mecklenburg Switzerland”.

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The moated castle, an estate in Renaissance style, was built around 1560 by order of Ulrich von Maltzahns. Ulrichshusen had different owners over the course of the centuries. The Swedish Colonel Dietrichson had the estate as a pledgee in 1649 and handed it on to his son-in-law J. Ehrenreich von Arnim, who then pledged it to Baron Erlenkamp of Vielist. The estate came into the possession of the Maltzan family of Rothenmoor in 1722, was sold to the Basedow estate of Count Hahn in 1821, went to the administrator Mr. Sellschop at the start of the 20th century and finally to Counts Bassewitz-Schlitz in 1929.

The manor house was initially used for residential purposes after their flight in 1945. It then stood empty for many years and became derelict. After having such a varied history there was a devastating fire in 1987 when the castle burnt down to its foundations.

The Maltzahn family repurchased the estate in 1993. They devotedly rebuilt the castle in the following years, the park and farm buildings were also restored.

The stone barn on the estate is regarded as one of the most important festival locations in the State of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.