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Moated Turow Castle

The former moated Turow Castle, with its foundation dating from the 12th century, stands on a slight rise and hidden behind the great trees of a park which was designed in the 18th century. ... more

Herrenhaus (Wasserschloss) Quilow

Im Jahre 1499 kaufte Roleff von Owstin mit seinem Sohn vom Stolper Klosterabt einen Hof und begann in der 2. Hälfte des 16. Jahrhunderts das von Wassergräben umgebene Herrenhaus im Stil der Renaissance zu erbauen. ... more

Manor House (Castle, Moated Castle) Divitz

Not far from the small town called Boddenstadt Barth, in the Barthe valley, lies the moated castle called Divitz. It is one of the most important moated castles in the whole of northern Germany. ... more

Manor House Großenhof

Großenhof is an old ancestral seat of the widely dispersed von Plessen knightly family. In the 14th century, the "great castle" was built as a fortified moated castle for the knight Johannes Storm. ... more

Manor House Kurzen Trechow

The appearance of the village Kurzen Trechow, a place on the edge of the Mecklenburg Lake District, is dominated by the former moated castle which was presumably built between 1150 and 1250. ... more

Veste Landskron

The picturesque castle ruin of Landskron lies north-east of Altentreptow in the hollows of the Großen Landgraben. Ulrich II von Schwerin had the fortress built in Renaissance style in 1576. ... more

Moated Castle and Manor House Liepen near Malchin

As early as in 1337 the Hahn family was enfeoffed with the Liepen property and for centuries it belonged amongst their estate possessions. ... more

Moated Castle Mellenthin

The Renaissance castle of Mellenthin stands on an artificially created island surrounded by a wide moat enclosed by boulder stones. ... more

Castle Ulrichshusen

A romantic moated castle “Schloss Ulrichshusen” lies on a lake of the same name far removed from the main roads in the heart of “Mecklenburg Switzerland”. ... more