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Manor House (Castle) Broock

The manor house in Broock is in essence a late Baroque plaster building erected around 1765. Between 1840 and 1850, this building was rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style according to plans by Friedrich August Stüler, commissioned by Hans von Seckendorff. ... more

Manor House Hohenbüssow

Hohenbüssow is located in the quiet landscape of Tollense Valley, southeast of Demmin. The place was first documented in 1270. The village was part of the Broocker estates and was probably a fief of the Buggenhagen family from 1422 to 1635 (with just a two-year interruption). ... more

Manor House Langenfelde

In the 16th century the Langenfelde estate was in possession of the Knights of Bugenhagen, from 1652 on the owners were the von Sperling family, followed by the von Pfuel family. Around 1722 Johann August von Meyerfeldt, Governor General of Swedish Pomerania, received the estate. ... more

Manor House Nehringen

Nehringen, mentioned for the first time in 1387. In the Middle Ages, it was a border town at a ford through Trebel, which separated Pomerania and Mecklenburg. ... more

Vorland Manor House

The first owners were Joachim and Johann Huxel in 1307. The von Buggenhagen family is named as owners at the end of the fourteenth century. At the end of the eighteenth century the Homeyer family were the lessees of this royal domain. The ornithologist Alexander von Homeyer was born here in 1834. The last lessee of the estate was Olga Fink. ... more

Vorwerk Manor House near Lassan

In the 13th century the Ramel family had its seat here.  In following centuries the von Köller, Zitzewitz, von Weissenstein, and von Quistorp families were recorded as owners. ... more

Ziethen Manor House

The Ziethen estate north of Anklam was owned by the von Owstien family for over 300 years until 1779.  The Buggenhagen and Lepel families preceded them. ... more