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Estate Pokrent

Pokrent and Alt-Pokrent were first mentioned in the Ratzeburg tithe register in 1230. Of a medieval castle remains of the ramparts and moat are extant.

In the village centre of Pokrent is the estate yard of which some buildings, including the wheelwright's workshop, have been preserved. However, the manor house no longer exists. A few trees from the former estate park still stand on the northern edge.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:

Beginning 13th century

Knight Detlev von Gadebusch

14th century

von Lützow

15th century

von Hasenkop

16th, 17th & beginning 18th century

von Bülow

From 1723 on

von Schmettau

1754 until at least 1760

Georg Wilhelm von Witzendorff

1777 to 1785

von Lützow


Johann Friedrich Seeler


Head bailiff Christian Albrecht Thiessing


District administrator Lady von Wrisberg

From 1859 on

Howitz family
1894 Heinrich Georg Howitz


Josef Leclercq


von Klitzing

Village Church Pokrent

The building of the church probably began in 1391. In the church tower there is an old bell from 1760 and a new one which was cast in 2006. The interior is neo-Gothic and dates back to the middle of the 19th century with its altar, pulpit, pews, wooden ceiling and gallery. In 1854, the Squire von Behr of Renzow gave an organ as a gift to the church, which was built by the Hamburg company Wolfsteller. Remarkable is the granite baptismal font, which possibly may already have stood in the previous building - but is in any case the oldest item of furniture.