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Manor House Körchow near Hagenow

In the Ratzeburger Zehntregister (conscription of wealth and consequent taxes owed to the church) Körchow was first mentioned in 1230. At this time it was the family seat of the brothers Panitz.

At the end of the 13th century the village became the property of the Bieswang (Bischwang) family. In 1665 the von der Lühe family acquired the estate followed by privy councillor von Witzendorf. During the 18th and 19th century the estate changed hands many a time. Owners were in 1701 Joachim Mutzenbacher, in 1726 von Clausenheim, in 1787 Lembkes, in 1819 Carl Christian Friedrich von Schack, in 1853 Joachim Seeler, in 1862 Carl Heinrich Ludwig Satow, in 1887 von Plessen, in 1893 Herr Brunst, in 1894 his widow Lucie Wedemeyer. In 1895 the von Bülow family bought the estate, in 1900 chamberlain Arnold W. von Frege-Weltzin and finally in 1917 Ehrenfried von Wolffersdorff. He was the last owner of the estate up to 1933 when it was opened to settlements.

The manor house was built in 1822 for Carl Christian Friedrich von Schack. During WWII and afterwards it served as a storehouse. During the 1950s the most northern part of the building was demolished, some rooms were used by the community, for instance as a ballroom for events. In 1976 the southern part was also pulled down and replaced by the still existing one storey building. After the political change in Germany the tenants of the house moved out, the ballroom was no longer in use, and the pub had to close therefore the building stood empty from 2002 on and fell into decay. In 2007 new owners were found who by the by fill the building with new life.

Of the former estate complex one granary is extant.