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Manor House Lebehn

Lebehn has two estate complexes. The old manor house with a neighbouring barn, an elongated boulder stone stable and a granary form the origin of the estate complex, which is bordered by a boulder stone wall. ... more

Manor House Krackow

Krackow was in possession of the von Ramin family from the 13th century up to 1705. In this year the von Plötz family purchased the estate. This family had the estate divided into three single farms in 1729 for three sons who were entitled to inherit. One of these farms was abandoned in 1860 and allocated to the remaining properties. This is why the small village nowadays has two manor houses. ... more

Estate Matzdorf

Matzdorf is a district of Schönhausen. Both places are connected by a beautiful avenue of chestnut trees. Matzdorf was first mentioned in documents in 1298 as "Martinsdorp". At that time the monastery of Wanzka had rights to the village, later the families of Oldenfleths, von Rieben, von Wangelin, von Ramin, and von Kussow are mentioned as owners. ... more

Manor House Plötz

In Plötz in the district of Demmin, 12 km east of this small town, is an old manor house that was revived in 2004 after it had remained empty for more than 20 years. ... more