Manor House Plötz

In Plötz in the district of Demmin, 12 km east of this small town, is an old manor house that was revived in 2004 after it had remained empty for more than 20 years.

The owners of the estate, which was documented for the first time as a fiefdom of the von Appeldorn family in 1230, changed many times over the centuries. Some of the owners included the families of Speckin, Lepell, Maltzan, Mardefeldt, Kirchbach, Ramin, and Trebra. In 1820, the estate was acquired by the von Heyden family who remained in possession until the expropriation of 1945. Karl Ludwig Wilhelm Wichard von Heyden built the romantic manor house in the Tudor style around 1866, with the conspicuous tower and an adjacent Baroque building. After 1945, the manor house served as an accommodation for refugees, later as an apprentice home. It remained empty after 1980. It has now become a perfect illustration of what a long-standing personal commitment to a monument can bring about, because the old manor house has been revived.

The church in Plötz was erected around 1500, with a semicircular end made of rubblestone and later changed. The graves of the members of the Heyden family are still in the cemetery.

The former park has been preserved and contains several stately trees such as pedunculate oak and copper beech.