Manor House Krackow

Krackow was in possession of the von Ramin family from the 13th century up to 1705. In this year the von Plötz family purchased the estate. This family had the estate divided into three single farms in 1729 for three sons who were entitled to inherit. One of these farms was abandoned in 1860 and allocated to the remaining properties. This is why the small village nowadays has two manor houses.

The last owners before the expropriation after 1945 were the Tangermann family and the Jordan family.
The manor house shown above was the property of the Jordan family, it is situated in Schulstrasse. It was built towards the end of the 19th century.

After 1945 the manor house served as accommodation for refugees, later as a school building. In 1996 the grandson of the last owner purchased the manor house. Since the subsequent restoration it is used for residential purposes, also as holiday apartment.

Behind the manor house there is a small well kept park. Of the estate complex the estate buildings with two impressive stable granaries from around 1900 are extant.

The estate buildings have also been renovated by now. A Vintage Car Museum is located in a former cowshed. The other manor house is situated in Speicherstrasse, it is a two storey rendered building with a high hipped roof. It was probably built during the mid 18th century and modified around 1900. Besides the private residence of the family holiday guestrooms have been set up.