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Manor House (Castle) Marxhagen

On May 8th, 1458, the land-marshal Ulrich Maltzan zu Grubenhagen purchased the hitherto desolate fields of Marquardeshagen from the Güstrow cathedral chapter, and the estate has since belonged to the extensive feudal association of this family, which was widely branched out not only in Mecklenburg. ... more

Manor House Federow

Federow lies at the edge of the Müritz National Park, south-east of Waren-Müritz. The village was first mentioned in 1289. ... more

Manor House Glave

First documented mention of the von Glaveke family for Glave on Krakow's Obersee around 1340. Last mention of the family around 1412. ... more

Manor House Gremmelin

Hardly any European region has such a high “castle density” as Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. There are two reasons for this: ... more