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Manor House Cölpin

The Cölpin manor house was built between 1778 and 1785 by the estate owner, Stephan Werner von Dewitz. ... more

Manor House Brunn

The older Brunn manor house was probably built at the time of the von Glöden family. It has been shown that they were in possession of Brunn since 1609. ... more

Manor House Groß Miltzow

Around 1760, a one-storey building was built with a central risalit for the von Dewitz family and was later connected to the main house. ... more

Manor House Helpt

In 1455, Helpt had been feoffed to the Bredow family. The property was later acquired by the Duke following the extinction of the family line. ... more

Manor House Krumbeck

In 1313 the Knight Albert von Heyedebeke donated his estate to the monastery Himmelpfort. Six years later Prince Heinrich sold his part of the village to the monks. ... more

Manor House Möllenhagen

Nowadays the manor house does no longer exist; it fell victim to the wrecking ball before 1990. From the 16th to the 18th century at Möllenhagen there were farming estates and also the von Holstein knight's seat. In 1734, the von Holstein family sold the estate to the Le Fort family they held it until 1831. ... more

Manor House Neverin

The estate had been feoffed to Christian Wilhelm von Arnim after it had been conscripted by the Duke in 1694. He sold it to Hans Christoph von Rieben in 1708. ... more

Manor House Redderstorf

The political development in Germany eventually made it possible for the families of Meyerhoff from Göttingen and Börnke from Bochum to buy up the Redderstorf estate together since 1991. ... more

Gutshaus Roggenhagen

Das Herrenhaus wurde 1728 unter der Familie von Glöden errichet. Nach einem Brand in der Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts erfolgte eine Neuausstattung der Innenräume im Stil des Rokoko. ... more