Manor House Cölpin

The Cölpin manor house was built between 1778 and 1785 by the estate owner, Stephan Werner von Dewitz.

It is a two-storey, Baroque plastered building with the combined coats of arms of the von Dewitz and von Bülow families. From 1303 until 1945, the property was owned by the von Dewitz family. The last owner before 1945 was Fritz von Dewitz. The Lady von Dewitz died while in expulsion in Cölpin. The Lord von Dewitz moved to Lübeck with his children where he wrote a book titled “Über den Wald (den Cölpiner!)” (about the forest).

After 1945, refugees moved into the manor house. Later, a school and a restaurant were set up in the house.

After 1992, St. John’s used the building for first aid. In 2008, the current owner purchased the manor house. He has developed a stud farm with jumpers to serve as a branch of the Aldenbergh stud farm in Holland.

The manor house also has an extensive park with xylological sights and an encyclopedic historical tree population. The park was created by Friedrich Georg Karl of Dewitz towards the end of the 18th century. Two historical bridges in the park have also been preserved.

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