Manor House Krumbeck

In 1313 the Knight Albert von Heyedebeke donated his estate to the monastery Himmelpfort. Six years later Prince Heinrich sold his part of the village to the monks.

After the reformation the von Trott family was enfeoffed with the monastery Himmelpfort and its properties, therefore Krumbeck too. After long dragged out disputes due to the border location of Krumbeck the village finally went to Mecklenburg-Strelitz. In 1797 Ulrich Otto von Dewitz purchased Krumbeck from Karl Ludwig von Berg. It was Karl Ludwig von Berg who had the manor house built. The house was a one-storey rendered building with a curb roof. Attached to it was at a 90 degree angle the kitchen and service wing which is still extant. In his last will the in 1808 deceased Ulrich Otto von Dewitz granted right of residence to his widow on the estate of Krumbeck. Otto Ernst Carl Hellmuth von Dewitz had the park around the manor house newly designed in 1832 according to plans by Peter Joseph Lenné. After the death of Otto Ernst von Dewitz in 1858 the inheritance went to Ulrich Otto (the third) von Dewitz and afterwards to his son. He moved to Krumbeck together with his sister and had a new manor house built at a 90 degree angle to the left of the old house. Both buildings were joined by a plump tower.

After the death of her brother in 1921 Ursula von Dewitz accepted the inheritance. She fled from Krumbeck in 1945. The furniture and chattels of the manor house in Krumbeck were almost completely lost in 1945. The older part of the manor house fell victim to a fire in 1952. In the newer manor house there were dwellings and up to the political change in Germany also a pub "Zum Roten Hirsch". Before the manor house had served as accommodation for refugees, as a hostel for apprentices, and as the kitchen for the LPG, the agricultural production cooperative.

Half a century after the end of the war a later born niece of the Dewitz family was able to purchase the remains of the Krumbeck manor house. For five long years Isabelle Kühne von Dewitz and her family strived to own the property. In 1996 the young family started to restore and modernise their new home. In June 1997 they could move in. Nowadays an agricultural business is managed from the manor house.