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Manor House Poppendorf

Poppendorf is located in the so-called eastern suburbs of the Hanseatic town of Rostock. The village road leads you right to the former estate. Its centered around the manor house, which is now known as “Musenhof”. ... more

Estate Billenhagen

Billenhagen is part of the Blankenhagen municipality in the district of Rostock. ... more

Manor House Blumenhagen

Blumenhagen is located between the towns of Pasewalk and Strasburg, close to the state border with Brandenburg. The village was first mentioned as a place in the Uckermark in 1375 in the land book of Emperor Karl IV. ... more

Manor House Krumbeck

In 1313 the Knight Albert von Heyedebeke donated his estate to the monastery Himmelpfort. Six years later Prince Heinrich sold his part of the village to the monks. ... more

Manor House Luisenhof

In 1695 Balzar Friedrich von Berg received the enfeoffment of the Neuenkirchen estate. ... more

Manor House Neuenkirchen near Neubrandenburg

The oldest part of the Neuenkirchen manor house near Neubrandenburg was built for the von Gloeden family in 1646. The one-storey half-timbered house was rebuilt to a two-storey rendered building by the von Berg family in the 18th century. ... more

Manor House Neverin

The estate had been feoffed to Christian Wilhelm von Arnim after it had been conscripted by the Duke in 1694. He sold it to Hans Christoph von Rieben in 1708. ... more

Manor House Puchow

Puchow estate was owned by the von Maltzan family from 1878 to 1905, the previous owners were the von der Lancken family. ... more

Varbelvitz Manor House

The house was rebuilt around 1920.  Until the mid-18th century it was in the possession of the princes of Rügen; thereafter it belonged to the von Platen family and from 1920 to 1945 to the von Bergs. ... more