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Penkun Castle

The tiny town of Penkun, which first appears in historical records in 1269, nestles like an island between three lakes. In 1480, the manor at Penkun was enfoeffed to Werner von der Schulenburg. ... more

Hohen Demzin, Schlitz Castle

Hans von Labes, who assumed the name of his father-in-law after his marriage to Louise von Schlitz, began building the present-day manor house in 1806. ... more

Manor House Kapelle

The manor house was built in 1843/1844. In 1914 it was converted in neo-baroque style. From the 16th century on it had been in possession of the von der Osten family. ... more

Estate Karstorf

Karstorf is mentioned in a document from 1427. The estate was in possession of the von der Osten family. The manor house in which the family resided burned down in 1709. Subsequently the estate lay fallow until Hans von Labes, the squire of Großwoltersdorf-Zernikow, took over the land in 1721. ... more

Manor House Lipsitz

Not far from the town of Bergen on the island of Rügen in the village of Lipsitz stands a manor house which was in good order and inhibited up to 1998, now it has been abandoned to deterioration. ... more

Manor House Marienhof

Marienhof was first termed Marienthal in 1807 in the state calendar as pertinence to Bellin. It was renamed in 1822. The estate was owned by the von Schellendorf family since 1876. ... more

Prillwitz Castle

The Prillwitz estate was owned in the 14th century by the von Peccatel family. It then passed to the von Heydebreck family, then the von Maltzahn family, and was later owned, until the end of the 17th century, by the Blankenburg family. ... more

Manor House Streu near Schaprode

Since the end of the 13th century Streu, also referred to as Strowe, Strauwe or Streye in medieaval documents, was owned by the von der Osten family. Towards the end of the 17th century the estate came into the possession of the von Platen family. ... more