Manor House Kapelle

The manor house was built in 1843/1844. In 1914 it was converted in neo-baroque style. From the 16th century on it had been in possession of the von der Osten family.

In 1816 the estate was purchased by Carl Ludwig Lorenz von Platen auf Gurtitz. With his death in 1839 the male line of descendants ceased to exist therefore it went to his daughter Rosalie who was married to Major von Esbeck. Their son Wilhelm von Esbeck was granted the right to add the name Platen to his name. Wilhelm von Esbeck seems to have been an idiosyncratic contemporary. After a brilliant military career he became chamberlain at the Berlin court and master of ceremonies to the empress. Shortly before his death on September 3rd, 1924 he determined that he was to be buried together with his horse in the park of Kapelle. Which subsequently was carried out. His son Constantin von Esbeck-Platen inherited the property but went bankrupt in 1934/35. The estate was opened to settlements and soon after was subject to a convent and served as an old people´s home.

Adjacent to the house there is a park from the 19th century which has been allowed to grow wildly rampant.