Estate Karstorf

Karstorf is mentioned in a document from 1427. The estate was in possession of the von der Osten family. The manor house in which the family resided burned down in 1709. Subsequently the estate lay fallow until Hans von Labes, the squire of Großwoltersdorf-Zernikow, took over the land in 1721.

After his marriage to Louise von Schlitz, the father-in-law adopted his son-in-law and Hans von Labes took the name of his father-in-law von Schlitz. He was raised to the rank of count by the king; from then on he was called Hans Count von Schlitz.

Under his leadership on the Buchenberg, in the immediate vicinity of Gut Karstorf, the three-winged castle complex Schlitz Castle was developed from 1806 on, along with the castle chapel and the 60 hectare park where approximately 40 monuments in the form of buildings and sculptures are standing.