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Wrangelsburg Manor House (Palace)

South of the Hanseatic city of Greifswald lies Wrangelsburg village.  The former village, “Outpost,” belonged to the von Neuenkirchen family from 1426.  From that time on various houses existed there, which through war or fire were vandalized or dismantled. ... more

Estate Falkenhagen

The Falkenhagen manor house belonged to the estate which had the administrator’s house at its centre. ... more

Granitz Hunting Lodge

Jagdschloss Granitz, which is built on an elevation of 106m known as the Tempelberg, offers visitors a breathtaking view over the island of Rügen. ... more

Manor House Ketelshagen

First mentioned in records in 1451 the estate of Ketelshagen was established during the 14th century by the von Ketel family. ... more

Langenhanshagen Manor House Mittelhof, Local District of Langenhanshagen

If one travels on the Rostock-Stralsund railway line and looks out of the train window, one will discover the romantic but dilapidated manor house in Mittelhof, just after Ribnitz-Damgarten. ... more

Manor House Lipsitz

Not far from the town of Bergen on the island of Rügen in the village of Lipsitz stands a manor house which was in good order and inhibited up to 1998, now it has been abandoned to deterioration. ... more

Manor House Löbnitz

Löbnitz was first mentioned in records in 1319. The manor house was built to the north of the present village in the same position as a knight's castle which stood here before. ... more

Putbus Castle

Putbus was held by the von Putbus family from the 12th century until 1945. The "stone house" is mentioned as the family home in historical records dating to as early as 1371. ... more

Spyker Castle

Schloss Spyker is a stucco building which dates from the 15th century and which was altered in the 17th century to reflect the tastes of its new owner Carl Gustav Wrangel. ... more