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Manor House Brüsewitz

The Brüsewitz manor house was part of an old castle complex. After 1818, extensions were added to the building. ... more

Manor House Gottesgabe

At the end of the 13th century, Gottesgabe was owned by the von Maltzahn family. They were followed by the von Prehn family in mid-14th century. ... more

Grambow Castle (partly in german)

Schloss Grambow was originally constructed around 1840/45 as a home for the Jacobson family. It was designed by architect Carl Adolph Hermes as a large, two-and-a-half storey building with 15 windows along its width, overlooking a park. ... more

Manor House Klein Welzin

As it stands the manor house of Klein Welzin must have been created by refurbishing an older building probably during the mid 19th century. ... more

Manor House Langen Brütz

The village Langen Brütz was first mentioned in records in 1335. The von Halberstadt family who owned several estates in the area around Schwerin was in possession of Langen Brütz in 1660. ... more

Manor House Leezen

The manor house was built in 1845 for Carl Detlef Evers. The planning and building construction was executed by master builder Jatzow. ... more