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Zühr Manor House

Zühr lies west of Hagenow.  As early as the 14th century the land was owned by the Züle family.  In 1740 the Saxon-Polish Field Marshal Thomas Friedrich von Zühlen had the two-storey manor house built. ... more

Manor House Dodow

The manor house has been renovated and inhabited. ... more

Manor House Körchow near Hagenow

In the Ratzeburger Zehntregister (conscription of wealth and consequent taxes owed to the church) Körchow was first mentioned in 1230. At this time it was the family seat of the brothers Panitz. ... more

Manor House Lehsen

The estate Lehsen had been a fiefdom of the von Blücher family from the middle ages up to 1690. In this year the estate was purchased by Hieronimus Wiegand von Laffert.  ... more

Manor House Luckwitz

The manor house was first built during the mid 18th century. As the old house had to a large extent fallen into disrepair a new one was erected at the beginning of the 20th century. ... more

Manor House Raguth

Raguth, first documented in 1194, lies in the middle of the Schaalsee Lake Biosphere Reserve, north of Wittenburg. ... more

Waschow Estate near Wittendörp

From 1632 the estate was mortgaged to the von Grävenitz family, among others; after 1692 the von Grävenitz were hereditary owners. ... more