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Manor House Besendorf

The Besendorf manor house was renovated by the current owner and a large part of it has been returned to its original state. ... more

Manor House Bobzin

Bobzin lies east of the small town of Lübz. In records of 1700 the place is mentioned as a sovereign demesne. The farm was originally located at Alt Bobzin on the banks of the river Elde. ... more

Manor House Gramnitz Hof

Manor House Neu Zachun

In the course of the 2000s the manor house deteriorated to such an extent that it disappeared completely by 2019. ... more

Manor House Setzin

Just a few kilometers west of Hagenow lies the town of Setzin. It is centered around what was once a grandiose manor house. Setzin was originally a fief of the von Lützow family. ... more

Warlitz Manor House

Around the year 1230 [1230-1340] Johannes Gans occupied the property of Wargelitz, almost six kilometers (4 miles) south of Hagenow, as a feudatory of the bishop. ... more