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Castle Klempenow in calendar 2022

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Hohen Demzin, Schlitz Castle

Hans von Labes, who assumed the name of his father-in-law after his marriage to Louise von Schlitz, began building the present-day manor house in 1806.

He had the previous building, a completely dilapidated castle, demolished. The building work was disrupted by wars and was first continued in 1812. The estate and the 60 ha. grounds encompassed in the country park ornamented with 36 memorials, were economically restored at the same time.

“His Majesty the Grand Duke confers the name Schlitz Castle to the new estate of Cathedral Dean Count von Schlitz on the Karstorfer boundary, deigning to the plea submitted to determine that this Schlitz Castle is from now on regarded as the main estate, Karstorf is only to be recorded as a secondary estate.

Schwerin, the 17 of January 1817.”

The manor house and park were completed in 1824. The Nymphenbrunnen fountain near the manor house was built in 1905 and is supposed to have been transferred here from the Wertheim department store in Berlin in 1932. There is supposed to be a copy of this fountain still standing in Central Park in New York. The count died in 1831, and the estate went to his daughter “Adele” and son-in-law Heinrich von Bassewitz-Schlitz, who kept it until 1931. Thereafter the Mecklenburgische Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (Mecklenburg Agricultural Company) took over the ownership and sold it to Dr. Emil Georg von Stauß in 1932.

The manor house was used as refugee accommodation and a school after expropriation from the family in 1945.

Günter Mast, a factory owner, bought and renovated the manor house after the political change in Germany. A change of ownership followed. The manor house is now a castle hotel.

Structure of ownership prior 1945:


von der Osten
Manor house standing on the foundations of a moated castle burnt down in 1709.


von Müller


Hans count von Schlitz (Hans von Labes)
Hans Labes was adopted by his father-in-law, raised to the rank of count by the king and named himself Hans Graf von Schlitz.


count von Bassewitz-Schlitz
Heinrich Adolf Bernhard Count von Bassewitz on Wardow married Johanna Caroline Louise von Labes, Countess von Schlitz, in 1822 and took the name and coat of arms of his wife with the permission of the sovereign in 1823. He died in 1861 without heirs.


brothers von Bassewitz


Friedrich count von Bassewitz


Agricultural Society Mecklenburg


privy council Dr. Emil G. Stauß, Managing Director of Deutsche Bank and Board of Management of UFA

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