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Castle Landskron in calendar 2021

Castle Landskron in calendar 2021

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Fortress Dömitz

Dömitz lies in the Elbtalaue where the three states of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Niedersachsen and Brandenburg meet. A castle built in the 13th century which was destroyed in 1353 forms the foundation of the fortress.

Duke Johann Albrecht von Mecklenburg had the impressive defensive fortress built on the ruins between 1559 and 1565. It is a regular pentagon-shaped fort with bastions and casemate vaults, moats and a counterscarp. The commander’s house is in the courtyard as well as the tower which was rebuilt by the ducal builder Gerhart Evert Piloot around 1620.

The fortress served as a state prison for a while. The Low German poet Fritz Reuter was imprisoned here between 1839 and 1840. He wrote about his experiences in his story “Ut mine Festungstid” in 1862.

Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II von Mecklenburg-Schwerin had the whole complex renewed for the military from 1851 to 1865.

The fortress walls have housed a museum about the region and city of Dömitz as well as a Fritz Reuter Memoriam Hall since 1953.

Due to the special features of the building and its exceptionally well-preserved condition, the site was listed in 1975.

Museum Festung Dömitz

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