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Midsummer Remise

Midsummer Remise

22. & 23.06.2019
The weekend of Nordic castles and manor houses.
Move with us from estate to estate.


Viecheln Manor House

Viecheln lies north of Gnoien near the border with Western Pomerania.  From 1863 to 1945 the estate was owned by the Blohm family.

Around 1870 Wilhelm Blohm had the house built in the English Tudor style by the well-known Wismar architect Thormann.

At the same time the park was laid out with the planting of many rare varieties of trees.

In 1945 the Blohm family was dispossessed and driven away, and the inventory of the house was plundered.  After World War II refugees first occupied the house, followed later by a kindergarten, a restaurant, and offices.  The monument-protected manor house, owned by the municipal government, has shone with new splendor in recent years.  In 1995 extensive rehabbing began commensurate with historical standards prescribed by the Office of Culture and Monument Protection.   Inside the house are a restaurant, government offices, and meeting rooms.

The small, manicured park is also under monument protection and its dendrological rarities are noted.

The former farm buildings on the estate grounds are used in part as dwellings.

In nearby Behren-Lübchin is the family burial plot of the Blohms.

Structure of ownership pre 1945:


Martin Wendt


brothers von Hanneken


von Boddin family


von Hanneken family


von Bülow family


Friedrich Carl Ferdinand von Schuckmann


Blohm family
1863 Georg Heinrich Blohm
1921, 1938 Georg Thomas Blohm