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Manor House Viecheln

Viecheln lies north of Gnoien near the border with Western Pomerania. From 1865 to 1945 the estate was owned by the merchant Blohm family from Lübeck. ... more

Manor House Klein Nienhagen

Klein Nienhagen was an old fiefdom of the von der Lühe family with its administration in Wendisch Mulsow (now Klein Mulsow). ... more

Manor House (Castle) Klein Plasten

Seen from Gross Plasten on the opposite side of the Klein Plasten lake lies the village with the same name. Klein Plasten was also first mentioned in records of 1284. ... more

Weisin Manor House

The village of Weisin is first documented in 1285 with the mention of Johannis de Waisin. The von Weltzien family, which in 1370 had acquired its first interest in Weisin, moved into the moated fortress of Weisin in 1410; it burned down in 1687. ... more