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Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Krukow

Southwest of Neubrandenburg is situated the village of Krukow which was mentioned in records of 1170 as belonging to the monastery of Broda.

The manor house, which was built around 1850 in the gothic revival style, shows the coat of arms of the von Maltzan family above the entrance portal. During the 15th century the estate belonged to the von Kargow family and the von Bardenflet family and from 1443 on it was owned by the von Maltzan family. They pledged the estate to Jakob Zitwitz and Hans von Blankenburg. Through marriage it was attained by Friedrich von Walsleben at the beginning of the 18th century who then pledged it to Ernst Friedrich von Kosboth. In 1786 the estate finally became the property of the von Maltzan family again, they stayed the owners up to 1938 when it was opened to settlements. Since then the manor house was in use for residential purposes.

During the 1990s extensive restoration works were undertaken at the manor house, which is owned by the municipality. Nowadays the manor house is still in residential use, but also serves for events.

The former park is now divided into allotments and a sports facility.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


Freiherr von Maltzan

1716 by way of a pledge
1725 hereditably - 1786

von Kosboth


Major General Ernst Christian von Kosboth


Joseph Christian Heinrich Baron von Maltzan auf Penzlin


Hereditary Land-marshal (marshal of patrimonial land) Ferdinand Baron von Maltzan auf Penzlin


Baron Adolf von Maltzan


Adolf von Maltzan Freiherr zu Wartenberg und Penzlin


The brothers Drost chamberlain (highest district administrator) Ulrich, Adolf, Christian and Friedrich von Maltzan Barons zu Wartenberg und Penzlin


The brothers Colonel (ret.) Adolf and Christian von Maltzan Freiherren zu Wartenberg und Penzlin


Christian von Maltzan Freiherr zu Wartenberg und Penzlin


Opened up into 32 settlements