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Penkun Castle

The tiny town of Penkun, which first appears in historical records in 1269, nestles like an island between three lakes. In 1480, the manor at Penkun was enfoeffed to Werner von der Schulenburg. ... more

Manor house Freienstein

Manor House Grambow near Löcknitz

Grambow Manor House is a single-storey rendered building with a two-storey extension on the right-hand side and an annex at the rear. The Estate complex is extant. ... more

Manor House Krackow

Krackow was in possession of the von Ramin family from the 13th century up to 1705. In this year the von Plötz family purchased the estate. This family had the estate divided into three single farms in 1729 for three sons who were entitled to inherit. One of these farms was abandoned in 1860 and allocated to the remaining properties. This is why the small village nowadays has two manor houses. ... more

Manor House Lebehn

Lebehn has two estate complexes. The old manor house with a neighbouring barn, an elongated boulder stone stable and a granary form the origin of the estate complex, which is bordered by a boulder stone wall. ... more

Manor House Löcknitz

During the 16th century Joachim von der Schulenburg had a solid Renaissance style manor house built, north of the castle. ... more

Castle Löcknitz

Löcknitz is situated in the border region of Pommern and Brandenburg. It was first mentioned in records in 1212. ... more

Manor House Nadrensee