Manor House Klockow

The manor house was built in 1853 according to plans by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel. It was erected in gothic revival style as a two storey rendered building with central risalit.

The brothers Carl and Louis von Bülow were the developers as they had inherited the estate after their parents death. The von Bülow family followed the von Oertzen family as owners of Klockow, as the latter had to sell their property in 1838 following the death of August von Oertzen. In 1679 Klockow came to the von Oertzen family first as a pawn, then in 1694 as a true possession. However the von Bülow family neither held Klockow for long, the estate went through numerous changes of ownership: 1871 it was in the hands of the debtees of Otto von Itzenplitz. In 1884 Ernst von Meyenn was the owner, followed in 1900 by Adolf Burmeister and in 1914 it was Henning von Oertzen auf Rattey. The last owner, Erich Sassen, had to give up possession of the property.

In 1933/34 Klockow was opened to settlement, the building was used for various purposes. The manor house accommodated flats and the co-op shop, the social club, the offices of the local LPG (agricultural production cooperative) and before even the school of the village. The title deeds were held by the church.

From 1992 on the manor house again became private property.