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Manor House Schönhausen

There was a medieval castle in Schönhausen. The manor house was built according to plans by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel for the von Michael family in 1843. ... more

The Belvedere in Broda, Neubrandenburg

From its elevated position, the terrace of the Belvedere offers a magnificent view across Neubrandenburg's lake, Tollensesee. ... more

Manor House Ganzkow

The Ganzkow manor house is a one-storey, plastered, half-timbered building with a classic kerb roof. It was constructed at the beginning of the 18th century. The building consists of an 11-axle, long-stretched central building as well as two adjacent square wing buildings. ... more

Ihlenfeld Manor House

The original Ihlenfeld manor house was a plain, one-storey residential building of the von Rieben family, who owned the estate at the time. In 1810, the estate was purchased by the bailiff von Michael, who had the simple manor house rebuilt around 1850 by the master builder Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel in the English Tudor Gothic style with high corner towers and a three-axle central risalit. ... more

Manor House Klockow

The manor house was built in 1853 according to plans by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel. It was erected in gothic revival style as a two storey rendered building with central risalit. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Leppin

Leppin is situated approximately 10 kilometres southeast of Neubrandenburg. From 1694 to 1705 the estate was in possession of the von Genzkow family. In 1705 Katharine Christine von Genzkow married Hans Felix von Oertzen. He had a horse shoe shaped manor house erected. ... more

Manor House Lichtenberg

The estate owned by Balthasar Ludwig von Wendessen was in 1793 leased out to Amtsinspektor Sponholtz (administration superior) and in 1812 to one Herr Burchardt. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Semlow

The manor house in Semlow is situated on the site of a Slavic castle. The middle section of the two-storey mansion was built around 1825 in Neoclassical style. It was based on the plans of the Strelitz architect F. W. Buttel on behalf of the then owner, Carl August von Behr-Negendank. ... more

Wrechen Manor House

The house was built in 1840 to plans by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel. It is a massive plastered building with a wide two-storey front projection beneath a flat pediment. ... more