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Manor House Stolpe near Anklam

The first documented reference to Stolpe goes back to medieval times when the Pomeranian Duke Wartislaw I from the Greifen dynasty in Stolpe, who had converted to Christianity, was murdered by a Wendish nobleman in 1136. ... more

Manor House Demzin

The Demzin manor house took its present form in 1872 and was owned by the Counts Hahn zu Basedow. In 1842 the writer Fritz Reuter took up a position as a trainee at the Demzin estate. Tenant of the estate was at that time Mr. Rust. ... more

Fortress Dömitz

Dömitz lies in the Elbtalaue where the three states of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Niedersachsen and Brandenburg meet. A castle built in the 13th century which was destroyed in 1353 forms the foundation of the fortress. ... more

Manor House Klein Teetzleben

Klein Teetzleben is part of the community of Gross Teetzleben. The manor house is an elongated one-storey building with a two-storey central risalit on the front and a centric entrance porch at the rear. During GDR times the manor house was structurally strongly changed. The façade was smoothly plastered; the windows were altered and so on. It is in use for residential purposes. ... more