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Castle Kaarz in calendar 2022

Castle Kaarz in calendar 2022

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Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

Kölzow manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor House Kirch Kogel

Kirch Kogel was first mentioned in a document in 1303. The squire at that time was the knight Bernhard von Bellin. The Kirch Kogel estate was a secondary estate to Suckwitz. Until around 1600 the estate belonged to the monastery estates of the Dobbertin Monastery. From 1767 on Herr von Grabow auf Suckwitz was the leasehold tenant of the estate. Due to economic difficulties, he mortgaged the estate and in 1777 the creditors sold the Kogel estate farm to Hans Ernst von Hardenberg, from whom the feudal fief passed to Otto von Hahn in 1796.

The Kirch Kogel manor house, a two-storey brick building with a central risalit, was built around 1840 on behalf of the owner Carl Wilhelm Hans von Meding, an inscription on the manor house (C.W.H.v.M.) points this out. During the 1960s, the manor house served as a Co-op shop, from 1972 as a kindergarten and later as a rural school hostel for the Ganschow stud farm. Nowadays it is privately owned and inhabited.

Of the former extensive estate complex a few buildings are extant in the village, such as a sheep pen, a horse stable built in 1884 with a granary, and a barn. Along the village road some cottages with stables have also been partly preserved in their original form, they were built by the Dobbertin Monastery Administration in 1881.

The church, which dates back to the 13th century, stands in the centre of the village. The boulder stone choir is the oldest part; the nave and the tower were built later. The granite christening font dates from earlier building times, the altar from the 15th century, and the pulpit originates from around 1671.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:

around 1300

Knight Bernhard von Bellin

Up to approx. 1600

Dobbertin Monastery


Levin Christoff Drews
1753 Vollrath Jochim Christoph Drews


Herr von Grabow (up to 1777 his creditors)


Hans Ernst Graf von Hardenberg


Chamberlain Otto Conrad von Hahn auf Charlottenthal
1805 Conrad Gottfried und Heinrich Hermann von Hahn


Major Carl Hans Wilhelm von Meding


Georg Heinrich Blohm


Ludwig Fick / Gebrüder Fick


Helmut Lagemann


Dobbertin Monastery
Leasehold Tenants from 1878 on Ernst Flint, 1894 Albert Zöllner, 1903 Ernst Beese, until 1938 Paul (the younger) Burchardt


Freistaat Mecklenburg-Schwerin, ab 1934 Freistaat Mecklenburg