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Manor House (Castle) Groß Lüsewitz

Groß Lüsewitz was a feudal estate that was documented for the first time in 1344. Before 1485, it was owned by the feudal lords von Thulendorf. ... more

Manor House Kirch Kogel

Kirch Kogel was first mentioned in a document in 1303. The squire at that time was the knight Bernhard von Bellin. The Kirch Kogel estate was a secondary estate to Suckwitz. Until around 1600 the estate belonged to the monastery estates of the Dobbertin Monastery. From 1767 on Herr von Grabow auf Suckwitz was the leasehold tenant of the estate. Due to economic difficulties, he mortgaged the estate and in 1777 the creditors sold the Kogel estate farm to Hans Ernst von Hardenberg, from whom the feudal fief passed to Otto von Hahn in 1796. ... more

Manor House Severin

The Severin manor house is a Neo-Renaissance brick building built in the 1880s. Its owners changed frequently over the centuries. ... more

Woosten Estate

Woosten was first mentioned in 1269 in a bequest to its church.  The current church, which looks out over a wide stretch of land, dates from the fourteenth century.  A small moated castle probably stood below the church from the thirteenth century onwards. ... more