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Book "Manor houses and castles in Western Pomerania"

Book "Manor houses and castles in Western Pomerania"

In Volume 2, we present 45 estates with short texts and more than 220 historical and current photographs on 155 pages.

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book Vorpommern 2

Manor House Drechow

Drechow was owned by the von Behr family up into the 18th century, and the von Gadow family from 1802 to the 20th century.

With the marriage of Hans-Jürgen von Gadow (*1674) and Anna-Margarethe von Behr (daughter of Hermann Volrath von Behr and his wife Ilsabe Dorothea von Owstien from the house of Quilow) on May 3rd, 1701 in Neukahlen, a huge share of the estates in the Franzburg region, in the then Swedish Western Pomerania, was passed on to the von Gadow family. These properties included Hugoldsdorf with Neuhof, Rönkendorf, Drechow, Derschendorf, and Eixen.

According to Niekammer’s agricultural goods address book, Drechow was about 431 ha large in 1939.

In September 1945, the von Gadow family (Mogens von Gadow, born in 1899, and his wife, Gerda von Gadow, born in Lissau, and their children) were expropriated following the land reform and expelled from Franzburg. The manor house consists of two buildings. The original building, a plastered half-timbered building, was constructed around 1800. On the left gable side is a younger adjoining building.

During the GDR times, the houses were used for residential purposes and as a kindergarten up until 1998.

The buildings, which are listed under national heritage protection, have been vacant for many years and are gradually dilapidating.