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Manor House Drechow

Drechow was owned by the von Behr family up into the 18th century, and the von Gadow family from 1802 to the 20th century. ... more

Manor House Groß Potrems

Groß Potrems was first mentioned by name in 1373. The manor house was built in 1871, burnt down in 1879 and rebuilt in 1891 in late neo-classical style as a rendered brick building with an extensive estate complex. ... more

Manor House Hugoldsdorf

Hugoldsdorf was one of the oldest possessions of the Behrs family. It was named after an ancestor of this family: a knight named Hugoldus. The Behrs family owned the place for centuries. ... more

Manor House Rönkendorf

With the marriage of Hans-Jürgen von Gadow (*1674) and Anna-Margarethe von Behr (daughter of Hermann Volrath von Behr and his wife Ilsabe Dorothea von Owstien from the house of Quilow) on May 3rd, 1701 in Neukahlen, a huge share of the estates in the Franzburg region, in the then Swedish Western Pomerania, was passed on to the von Gadow family. These properties included Hugoldsdorf with Neuhof, Rönkendorf, Drechow, Derschendorf, and Eixen. ... more