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Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Information about the classification castle, manor house or farmhouse. Surely you must have asked yourself by which criteria we sorted the listing of manor houses and castles.

Castle or Manor House

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

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Manor House (castle) Alt Sammit

Alt Sammit was first mentioned in documents written in 1274. A castle of the von Weltzien family stood here, destroyed during the Thirty-Years War 1638.

At approx. 1670 the von Weltzien family has a new manor house erected with the appropriate stables and servant’s houses, falling into disrepair until the end of the 19th century. 1793 the Weltzien’s family fiefdom expired and it changed hands quickly. The manor house in its current form was build from 1880 to 1888. It is a stately red building of two storeys height, built above a cellar made of cobblestone. There is a mezzanine under the brick-made saddle roof. The house is thirteen axes wide and there are a tri-axial middle risalit on the west side, a two-axial middle risalit on the east side and four tri-axial side risalits. After the Second World War the house was used by refugees, 1970 the publicly-owned stud farm Ganschow moved in and ran an education and recreation home until 1990. After five years of vacancy and dilapidation it became private property and was caringly restored.

Since May 2007 holidays may be spend in the holiday flats and a conference centre was opened up.

Structure of ownership:

since 1274 - 1793

von Weltzin family


court hunting squire Carl Franz von Plessen


Hermann Flügge


Johann Christian Alexander Könemann


Heinrich Seeliger


L. F. Lübbe


Dr. Georg Heinrich Franz Wertheimer


Georg Karl Riedel


Eduard Diederichs


von Meyenn family


Eduard Krause


Johann Paul Wilhelm Günther Ehlermann


Heinrich Eickhoff


Paul Möller


Königlicher Regierungsrat (senior civil servant) Dr. jur. Otto Hecht


Eigentum des Volkes (LPG) / Property of the people


Gestüt (VEG) Ganschow / Stud Farm Ganschow



since 1996

Private owner