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Gutshaus (Schloss, Jugendschloss) Neu Sammit

Neu Sammit ist ein Ortsteil des Luftkurortes Krakow am See. Hier steht abseits vom ehemaligen Wirtschaftshof am Ufer des Langsees inmitten einer gepflegten Parklandschaft das Herrenhaus. ... more

Manor House (castle) Alt Sammit

Alt Sammit was first mentioned in documents written in 1274. A castle of the von Weltzien family stood here, destroyed during the Thirty-Years War 1638. ... more

Manor House Diestelow

In the 13th century Diestelow belonged to the possessions of the von Bruseuisz family. In the 15th century, the von Weltzin family resided here. In 1492 the estate became the property of the Mecklenburg Dukes. In 1712 Captain Linstow acquired the estate. ... more

Manor House Klein Tessin

In 1848, Groß and Klein Tessin were in possession of the chamberlain Helmuth von Weltzien and from 1877 on the owner was Walther Bronsart von Schellendorf auf Marienhof. The original estate was built in Klein Tessin.  ... more

Manor House Massow

The mansion was built in 1860, after the predecessor building had burnt down. The estate was owned by the families von Flotow, von Below, von Lücken, von Pahlen, von Weltzien, von Rohr, von der Lanken, von Preen, and (again in 1924) von Lücken family. ... more

Manor House Neuenkirchen near Neubrandenburg

The oldest part of the Neuenkirchen manor house near Neubrandenburg was built for the von Gloeden family in 1646. The one-storey half-timbered house was rebuilt to a two-storey rendered building by the von Berg family in the 18th century. ... more

Weisin Manor House

The village of Weisin is first documented in 1285 with the mention of Johannis de Waisin. The von Weltzien family, which in 1370 had acquired its first interest in Weisin, moved into the moated fortress of Weisin in 1410; it burned down in 1687. ... more

Manor House Welzin

The name of the village derives from the family name von Weltzien, this family originated from the county of Schwerin and owned considerable land in this area. At the beginning of the 15th century they took up residence in Weisin coming from Weltzien near Anklam. ... more