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Manor House Pohnstorf

Pohnstorf lies at the edge of Mecklenburg Switzerland, ca. 8 km north of Teterow. The von Stahl family resided here at the start of the 16th century. ... more

Manor house Retzow

Retzow lies north-west of Mirow and was first documented in 1237. The von Kerkbergenobles were originally residents here. ... more

Volzrade Manor

Volzrade lies on the Jabeler Heath not far from the Elbe River.  The estate was in the possession of the von Pentz family until the dispossession of Carl August von Pentz in 1945. ... more

Manor House Pütnitz

The Pütnitz manor house lies north of the city of Ribnitz-Damgarten. The Recknitz winds its way through the estate park to flow into the Ribnitzer Lake a little later. ... more

Manor House Stolpe near Anklam

The first documented reference to Stolpe goes back to medieval times when the Pomeranian Duke Wartislaw I from the Greifen dynasty in Stolpe, who had converted to Christianity, was murdered by a Wendish nobleman in 1136. ... more

Manor House Groß Siemen

The first documented reference to Groß Siemens dates back to 1355. The manor house was rebuilt around 1890 with the main building on the old baroque foundation of the previous house. ... more

Manor House Peckatel

Since 1505, the Peckatel estates were owned by the von Maltzahn family from Penzlin. In 1629, they had to pledge the properties to different creditors. It was not until 1795 that Joseph von Maltzan of Werder was able to buy them back from the von Plessen family. ... more

Manor House Gottin

The Gottin manor house in a well-cared for park, with old trees and a plethora of historic and English roses, is a few kilometres north-west of Teterow. ... more