Manor House Pohnstorf

Pohnstorf lies at the edge of Mecklenburg Switzerland, ca. 8 km north of Teterow. The von Stahl family resided here at the start of the 16th century.

The estate was under the ownership of Helmuth Wichert in 1848 and August Christian Julius Moennich from 1869. The co-owner of the Portland Cement Factory Itzehoe, Heinrich Wessel, purchased the estate in 1896. He built a mausoleum during his life which was taken over and renovated by the Milchhof Alt Sührkow GmbH in 2009. There are two life-size busts of him and his wife, Theresa, which were made by the sculptor Martin Götze inside the building. The manor house was created with its present appearance by rebuilding in the mid-19th century. The manor house had an extension with a roof terrace and an elaborate walled balustrade at this time. You enter the building via steps in the courtyard, and there is a flight of steps to the park on the opposite side.

The manor house has been restored in recent years and has several tastefully furnished and well-equipped holiday apartments.

Pohnstorf is at the end of a small access road, lying near the Teterower, Kummerower and Malchiner lakes, with a pond to swim in directly behind the manor house garden as well as a wide-ranging network of bicycle and hiking paths which pass by the classic holiday resort in Mecklenburg. (only ger)