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Herrenhaus (Wasserschloss) Quilow

Im Jahre 1499 kaufte Roleff von Owstin mit seinem Sohn vom Stolper Klosterabt einen Hof und begann in der 2. Hälfte des 16. Jahrhunderts das von Wassergräben umgebene Herrenhaus im Stil der Renaissance zu erbauen. ... more

Owstin manor

The Owstin manor (Awstin) was first mentioned in a document around 1353, when Count Johannes von Gützkow was administering the town. ... more

Manor House Jamitzow

Jamitzow was first mentioned in a document in 1315 in which Henning and Arnold von Köller were named as owners. The estate seems to have remained in their possession up to the 16th century. ... more

Manor House Menzlin

Menzlin (Menzelin) was first mentioned in a document in 1231. The estate was in possession of Stolp Monastery from 1248, from 1448 on it was owned by the von Owstin family at Quilow. Through marriage and sale it passed to Sigmund Magnus von Wedell in 1832. ... more

Manor House Moeckow

The Moeckow manor house burnt down in 1947. A few splendid estate buildings are extant. ... more

Manor House Pentin

After 1945 the manor house was used as an orphanage. The manor house has been renovated and is privately owned. The owners offer apartments to buy and live together under one roof. ... more

Ziethen Manor House

The Ziethen estate north of Anklam was owned by the von Owstien family for over 300 years until 1779.  The Buggenhagen and Lepel families preceded them. ... more