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Manor House Alt Schwerin

In the 14th century, Alt Schwerin had one estate that was surrounded by a moat. Around 1700, the property was owned by the von Wangelin family. ... more

Estate Matzdorf

Matzdorf is a district of Schönhausen. Both places are connected by a beautiful avenue of chestnut trees. Matzdorf was first mentioned in documents in 1298 as "Martinsdorp". At that time the monastery of Wanzka had rights to the village, later the families of Oldenfleths, von Rieben, von Wangelin, von Ramin, and von Kussow are mentioned as owners. ... more

Manor House Sparow

The former Sparow estate lies north of Malchow in the middle of the Nature Park Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide with the bordering Müritz National Park and has been completely rebuilt into a new hotel complex since 1998. ... more

Vielist Manor House

The former estate complex Vielist originally covered 1700 hectares (4200 acres).  As was the case with many other estates, World War II and its aftermath left only parts of the ensemble remaining. ... more