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Historical mills

Historical mills

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Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Information about the classification castle, manor house or farmhouse. Surely you must have asked yourself by which criteria we sorted the listing of manor houses and castles.

Castle or Manor House

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

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Manor House Alt Schwerin

In the 14th century, Alt Schwerin had one estate that was surrounded by a moat. Around 1700, the property was owned by the von Wangelin family.

In 1733, the two-storey brick building was erected. There is a small landscape park with a lake on the south side of the manor house.

At the court entrance, stood many years a Neo-Baroque wrought-iron gate that was honored with a special prize at the world exhibition in 1893 and that originally belonged to the Vollratsruhe manor house  and is now located there again.

The property was owned by the Schlutius family until 1945. After 1945, the manor house was used as a retirement home.

The manor house is integrated in the agricultural history museum that was founded in 1988. Here, you can relive and discover a typical Mecklenburg estate with the different types of buildings and machines from earlier times.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:

till 1786

von Wangelin


von Flotow


von Levetzow


von Lüttichau


von Sierstorff


von Raven


E. Mierendorf


Greffrath family


Josua Klockmann


Johann Schlutius (Karow)


Claire and Haimo Schlutius