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Midsummer Remise

Midsummer Remise

22. & 23.06.2019
The weekend of Nordic castles and manor houses.
Move with us from estate to estate.


Manor House Krümmel

The estate was owned by the Kerkeberg family since 1370. In the 16th century the von Rohr family held stakes in the property.

They sold their equity interest in 1583 to Levin Marin. In 1612 the Arenstorff family were owners. In 1896 Adolf Fürst (Prince) of Schaumburg-Lippe purchased the estate. After 1945 the manor house served for residential purposes. Nowadays there is a public house inside.

After 1945 the manor house served for residential purposes. Since the political change it has been privately owned. The estate complex is extant with the estate manager´s house, a stable, a granary and the distillery as well as some remains of the park.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:

Since 1612 proportionally, since 1683 sole owners

von Arenstorff

(1778) - 1783

Captain Georg Christoff von Arenstorff

1783 - 1786

Captain Georg Heinrich von Arenstorff

1786 - 1787

Ferdinand Wilhelm Georg von Arenstorff

1787 - 1791

Carl Adolph Friedrich and Rudolph Carl Friedrich von Arenstorff

1791 - 1822

Georg Heinrich Wilhelm Friedrich von Arenstorff

1822 - 1830

The heirs of Georg Heinrich Wilhelm Friedrich von Arenstorff

1830 - 1840

The brothers von Arenstorff

1840 - 1847

Friedrich von Arenstorff

1847 - 1866

Alexander von Arenstorff

1866 - 1876

The brothers von Arenstorff

1876 - 1886

Friedrich Carl von Arenstorff

1886 - 1895

Lieutenant (ret.) Carl Friedrich von Arenstorff

1895 - 1912

Georg Reigning Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

1912 - (1937)

Adolf Reigning Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe