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Manor House Blengow

The Baltic Coast Bicycle Path directly on Salzhaff south-east of the Baltic Seaside Resort Rerik leads you through a peaceful landscape to Blengow. ... more

Manor House Alt Karin

From 1344 on, the von Barnekow family resided in Alt Karin, and the von Karin family towards the end of the 14th century too. ... more

Langenhanshagen Estate C (locally also known as E)

 In the 17th century the estate was probably in possession of Mathias Friedrich von Bibow (1671-1756). A tomb slap in the church of Langenhanshagen bears witness to him and his wives Margaretha Sophia von Jörcken and Magthalen Eleonora von Bassewitz. ... more

Manor House Mollenstorf

Mollenstorf lies a few kilometres west of Penzlin and is now a district of the small town. The estate was owned by the Bardenfleth family until the extinction of this branch of the family in 1548. ... more

Manor House Parchow bei Neubukow

Parchow (Neubukow) was a convent from 1211 to 1219. ... more

Manor House Pustohl

In 1464 Pustohl was in possession of the Bibow family. After frequent changes of ownership, Karl Bobsin became the owner of the estate in 1861. ... more