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So that your dream does not become a nightmare

So that your dream does not become a nightmare

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Manor House Blengow

The Baltic Coast Bicycle Path directly on Salzhaff south-east of the Baltic Seaside Resort Rerik leads you through a peaceful landscape to Blengow.

This place was first documented in 1238. The estate is to have been founded in 1582 by Heidenreich von Bibow, and then frequently changed owners until the District Administrator’s widow Charlotte von Oertzen took over ownership in 1777. She had the park, with its many rare trees which can still be seen today, laid out. Baron von Ledebur, squire of Blengow, was the owner from 1797 to 1805, and the Pauli family after him. Dr. Carl Wilhelm Anton Beste purchased the over 500 ha. field, forest and meadow estate in 1828. He built a two-storey manor house in neo-classical style in 1835 whilst preserving the foundation walls and the vaulted cellar. The Beste family resided here after that and managed the estate until 1945.

The house, mainly used for residential purposes, became derelict during the last years of the DDR and was taken over in this condition by a development company shortly after the political change. Renovation work has been carried out starting in 1996. 18 modern holiday apartments were built in the interior of the building.

The estate farm buildings, with one exception, have been demolished.

Herrenhaus Blengow

18230 Blengow,

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