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Manor House Klenz

The village of Klenz and the estate were first mentioned in records of 1314. From 1372 until 1789 the estate was owned by the von Levetzow family. In 1789 Hans Georg Hartwig von Flotow was in possession of the Klenz estates until 1796 when Friedrich Count von Hahn auf Remplin purchased the property. His son Karl Friedrich Count von Hahn went bankrupt in 1816. ... more

Manor House Möllenbeck near Ludwigslust

Manor house built in 1695 incorporating older foundations. During the middle of the 18th century, a wing was added to the house, followed soon after by a second. ... more

Manor House Neu Damerow

Neu Damerow (originally Damerow, with 30 inhabitants today): The knightly seat of Lübz, originally a castle on a peninsula on the east bank of Lake Poser, which is divided into Lake Damerow and Lake Poserin today. ... more