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Manor House Linstow

Linstow was the ancestral home of the von Linstow family. As early as in 1281 Gerhard von Linstow was mentioned as the owner of the village. ... more

Manor House Belitz

A cobbled street, line with old plane trees, leads past stable storage and supervisor’s house to the Belitz manor house. ... more

Manor House (Castle, Hunting Lodge) Bellin

The original manor house with gatehouse from the mid 18th century was built by the Imperial Count von Sala. ... more

Manor House Brüz, district Passow

Brüz was first documented in 1295. Wedige von Maltzan of Grubenhagen purchased it in 1486. ... more

Manor House Diestelow

In the 13th century Diestelow belonged to the possessions of the von Bruseuisz family. In the 15th century, the von Weltzin family resided here. In 1492 the estate became the property of the Mecklenburg Dukes. In 1712 Captain Linstow acquired the estate. ... more

Manor House Finkenwerder

Finkenwerder, main office of Goldberg, later of Lübz, an island between Lake Goldberg, its former southern side arm, Lake Woost, and then the small and great Lake Medower, could only be reached through bridges, on a path that is now almost overgrown, until the lakes’ mirrors were lowered after 1845 and the Goldberg-Karow country road constructed between 1862 and 1869, from which a dirt road now leads to Finkenwerder. ... more

Manor House Klocksin

Klocksin is situated on the edge of the Klocksin Lake District half way between Teterow and Waren. Behind a chestnut avenue a granite framed driveway leads to the  entrance of the manor house. ... more

Manor House Lübsee

The owners of the estate were in 1807 Ludwig von Lützow, in 1826 Georg Wilhelm zu Schaumburg-Lippe, and  in 1842 Friedrich von Meibohm. The manor house Lübsee was built around 1830/40. ... more

Manor House Neu Damerow

Neu Damerow (originally Damerow, with 30 inhabitants today): The knightly seat of Lübz, originally a castle on a peninsula on the east bank of Lake Poser, which is divided into Lake Damerow and Lake Poserin today. ... more