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Manor House Garlitz

Garlitz is located in the Griesen area southwest of Mecklenburg, in the middle of the “Mecklenburg Elbe Valley” Nature Park. In the village, the manor is separated from the village by the Sude River. ... more

Manor House Glave

First documented mention of the von Glaveke family for Glave on Krakow's Obersee around 1340. Last mention of the family around 1412. ... more

Manor House Leezen

The manor house was built in 1845 for Carl Detlef Evers. The planning and building construction was executed by master builder Jatzow. ... more

Manor House Lehsen

The estate Lehsen had been a fiefdom of the von Blücher family from the middle ages up to 1690. In this year the estate was purchased by Hieronimus Wiegand von Laffert.  ... more